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ChildrenOfUr / coUclient


Children of Ur Client


Children of Ur Web Client

What is this?

This repository contains the source code for Children of Ur's Dart-based browser client. The project is currently hosted at

Children of Ur is based on Tiny Speck's browser-based game, Glitch™. The original game's elements have been released into the public domain. For more information on the original game and its licensing information, visit

Getting Started

  1. Download the Dart Editor
  2. In the Dart Editor, go to File -> "Open Existing Folder" and open this project folder
  3. Make sure you have the required dependencies specified in pubspec.yaml. If you're missing any of these, try selecting a file in the project, and then running Tools > Pub Get.

Test in Dartium

Right clicking on the web/game.html file and selecting 'Run in Dartium' will fire up the client.

Test in Other Browsers

To test the project within other browsers, it is necessary to first compile the project. While using the Dart Editor, right click the web/game.html file and 'Run as JavaScript'.

General Roadmap

The project is built in Dart, which is then compiled and minified into javascript and can run in most browsers. See our team collaboration site on Trello for the current roadmap.

Project Layout

main.dart serves as the main game loop. This class controls all functions within the game. Dart classes and functions are in the lib/src folder. Images, CSS and other web resources are in web/assets. More development documentation is in the doc folder.

Codeship Status for ChildrenOfUr/coUclient