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D-Quick / DQuick


A GUI library written in D



A GUI library written in D.

You may want take a look at D programming language official web site : and to the framework that inspired us (QtQuick) :

We are using Lua as scripting language instead of javascript, cause there is no C javascript engine. And a non JIT interpreter is prefered for some platforms (iOS).

Take a look to the DQuick.pptx for more details.


Boost license.


It's currently a simple prototype, don't expect to see something working fine a day.


All platforms have a chance to be supported one day due to the code design choices. DQuick should work everywhere D is supported, it requires only few additionnal librairies :

  • Lua (will be removed the day it can be replaced by D)
  • FreeType (strongly portable, hard to display texts without it)
  • SDL (temporary as isn't really adapted to window applications, there is some resize issues)
  • SDL_IMAGE (temporary)
  • libpng (will replace SDL_IMAGE, strongly portable)
  • libjpeg (will replace SDL_IMAGE, strongly portable)

To do the SDL replacement we'll use native OS API to create windows and handle events.

Stutas of plaforms :

  • Windows (Main target, native code migration started)
  • Linux (Second target, under SDL, we think to use xcb)
  • MacOS X (Not tested, but we have experience)
  • Android (Not tested, experience, it seems D compilers aren't not ready)
  • iOS (Not tested, experience, it seems D compilers aren't not ready)

How to build

Linux (MonoD)

  • install monoD (
  • pull source code
  • go to third-party/SDL-2.0.0
  • build SDL : run './configure; make; sudo make install'
  • go to third-party/SDL_Image-2.0.0
  • you need install libpng-dev, libjpeg-dev
  • build SDL_Image : run './; ./configure; make; sudo make install'
  • launch monoD and open the solution (DQuick-MonoD.sln)


  • install VisualD
  • pull source code
  • luanch Visual Studio and open the solution (DQuick-VisualD.sln)