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JuliaLang / julia-tutorial


A Julia tutorial


Julia Tutorial from MIT IAP 2013

The material here was used in the Julia tutorial at MIT IAP 2013. It contains the following:

  1. LightningRound is a rapid introduction to Julia, with a number of quick examples designed to give a feel for the language. The presentation and example codes are both included.

  2. Vision contains a presentation on the overall julia vision.

  3. DataFrames contains a presentation on using the Julia DataFrames package, with a number of examples and exercises.

  4. Stats contains a presentation on doing statistics with Julia.

  5. GridOfResistors is an exercise where the students compute the effective resistance in a grid of resistors, and highlights various performance characteristics and language features.

  6. NumericalOptimization is an exercise where students explore different types of parallelism in julia in the context of a numerical optimization problem.