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Logxn / PokemonGo-Bot


A full functional bot that can act like the normal phone app




If you want to donate for the Team, you can do it with Paypal or Paysafecard.
Our Paypal Address:
We appreciate every donation, and we will split it with the whole team!
Paysafecard donations should be sent via private message to "Logxn" in our Discord.


  • Auto Farming Pokestops/Pokemon.
  • Transfer/Evolve Pokemons.
  • Simple Gui
  • Incubate Eggs
  • Pokemon Gui with stats of the Pokemon.
  • Livemap with Pokestop information on it.
  • Navigation Logic
  • Random Throws (Curved, nice..)
  • Real Animation waiting time
  • Open Source
  • Security
  • Google Routing
  • PowerUp/Evolve Pokemons in the Gui
  • Manage Items to hold
  • Archimedean spiral
  • and much more!

Hashing Service (3rd Party)

In order to pay with Paypal, Creditcard and SEPA use these links:
Ar1i's Pokebot 150 RPM[resellerId]=93 (Costs: 3,95€)
Ar1i's Pokebot 500 RPM[resellerId]=93 (Costs: 13,95€)
Ar1i's Pokebot 1.000 RPM[resellerId]=93 (Costs: 29.95€)

You are from Russia, China or Southamerika and have your own Payment Methods? No worries!
Ar1i's Pokebot 150 RPM ( Costs: 3,95€ )
Ar1i's Pokebot 500 RPM ( Costs: 13,95€ )
Ar1i's Pokebot 1.000 RPM ( Costs 29,95€ )

What we from the Developer team get back.
Per 150 RPM Key we get: 1,18500 €
Per 500 RPM Key we get: 4,18500 €
Per 1.000 RPM Key we get: 8,98500 €

FeroxRev -
AeonLucid -
Ar1i - For bringing this project alive!
Logxn - Continuing this project and keeping it alive!
MTK4355 - Doing a really really good job!
Xelwon - Also a big part of the team!
Quarthy - For doing some great developer work

Discord Link :