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NLog / NLog


NLog - Advanced .NET, NETSTANDARD, Silverlight and Xamarin Logging


Welcome to NLog!

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NLog is a free logging platform for .NET with rich log routing and management capabilities. It makes it easy to produce and manage high-quality logs for your application regardless of its size or complexity.

It can process diagnostic messages emitted from any .NET language, augment them with contextual information, format them according to your preference and send them to one or more targets such as file or database.

For more information, see the website or just get started with the tutorials on the NLog wiki.

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Packages & Status

NLog consists of multiple packages. Most of the functionality is inside the NLog (core) package. What's inside the packages? See targets and layout renderers overview!

Package Build status Nuget
NLog (Windows) AppVeyor NuGet package
NLog (Mono) Build Status
NLog.Config AppVeyor NuGet package
NLog.Contrib.ActiveMQ AppVeyor NuGet package
NLog.Extended AppVeyor NuGet package
NLog.Elmah AppVeyor NuGet package
NLog.Etw AppVeyor NuGet package
NLog.InstallNLogConfig AppVeyor NuGet package
NLog.ManualFlush AppVeyor NuGet package
NLog.Schema AppVeyor NuGet package
NLog.Web AppVeyor NuGet package
NLog.Windows.Forms AppVeyor NuGet package

Questions, bug reports or feature requests?

Do you have feature requests, questions or would you like to report a bug? Please post them on the issue list and follow these guidelines. Please also post or vote features requests on UserEcho.


As the current NLog team is a small team, we cannot fix every bug or implement every feature on our own. So contributions are really appreciated!

If you like to start with a small task, then up-for-grabs are nice to start with.

A good way to get started (flow)

  1. Fork the NLog repos.
  2. Create a new branch in you current repos from the 'master' branch.
  3. 'Check out' the code with Git or GitHub Desktop
  4. Check
  5. push commits and create a Pull Request (PR) to NLog


NLog is open source software, licensed under the terms of BSD license. See LICENSE.txt for details.