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Seattle.rb Study Group on the book "Little Schemer". To get access, create a pull request get permissions to push your changes.

Tentative Schedule

We meet Tuesdays before the Weekly Hack night at NIRD in Cap Hill (unless otherwise stated in google group) from 6-7pm.

Here's a tentative schedule. For that week, we'll read through those two chapters and discuss.

  • Week 1: Kickoff!
  • Week 2: Chapter 1 & 2
  • Week 3: Chapter 3 & 4
  • Week 4: Chapter 5
  • Week 5: Chapter 6
  • Week 6: Chapter 7
  • Week 7: Chapter 8
  • Week 8: Chapter 9
  • Week 9: Chapter 10

Feel free to create a directory for your account name and submit any code. Please make sure to follow Ryan's James Brown Guide to git etiquette:

down = pull --rebase
onup = push

Now you too can join the James Brown school of git:

git down && git onup