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afaqurk / linux-dash


A beautiful web dashboard for Linux


Linux Dash

Linux Dash Gitter chat

A simple, low-overhead web dashboard for GNU / Linux. (~1MB)

DEMO | Installation Instructions | Support

Linux Dash screenshot


  • A beautiful, simple web-based dashboard for monitoring a linux server
  • Only ~1MB on disk! (.git removed)
  • Live graphs, refresh-able widgets, and a growing # of supported modules
  • Drop-in installation for PHP, Node.js, Python, and Go


1. Download Linux Dash

Clone the git repo:

git clone


composer create-project afaqurk/linux-dash -s dev

2. Secure Linux Dash

It is strongly recommended that all Linux Dash installations be password protected. Please add htaccess protection or another security measure of your choice.

3. Start Linux Dash

While Node.js is the recommended platform, Linux Dash also supports PHP, Go, or Python.

See the section for your preferred platform section.


  1. Make sure you have the exec, shell_exec, and escapeshellarg functions enabled
  2. Restart your web server (Apache, nginx, etc.)


Install NPM dependencies

npm install

Start Linux Dash

node server/


Go to the linux-dash/server folder and run

go run index.go

To build a binary, run go build && ./server -h. See @tehbilly's notes here for binary usage options

Goals for v2.0

  • Backend ported to Python shell scripts & python from PHP
  • Add config file
  • Segregate core code-base and modules
  • Each module in a separate directory with front-end template, back-end file, bash script Doesn't make sense in implementation.
  • Add angular element to show info section for a module
  • Angular tests
  • Back-end tests
    • for shell files
    • for PHP, NodeJS, & Go
  • "Quick Guide to Contributing" Wiki page
  • Add project to package managers
    • aur
    • apt (ubuntu)
  • Bonus:
    • multiple server side languages supported
    • use websockets in PHP & NodeJS


For help with general setup and configuration issues please use the Linux Dash Gitter chat room.

The following distributions are supported:

  • Arch
  • Debian 6,7
  • Ubuntu 11.04+
  • Linux Mint 16+
  • CentOS 5, 6
  • openSUSE