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andlabs / ui


Platform-native GUI library for Go.


ui: platform-native GUI library for Go


ui is currently being rewritten for stability. The guts of the package will now be in C. For progress updates, see the new repo for the C backend.

Feature requests wanted! (Really; IDK what to add next!)

This is a library that aims to provide simple GUI software development in Go. It runs on/requires:

  • Windows: cgo, MinGW-w64 (see note below), Windows XP and newer
    • Note: Notice I specifically said MinGW-w64 here. This is important: regular MinGW is missing various recent header files which package ui uses, and thus won't build with it. Make sure your MinGW is that version instead. If you're running on Windows and are not sure what to download, get the mingw-builds distribution.
  • Mac OS X: cgo, Mac OS X 10.7 and newer
  • other Unixes: cgo, GTK+ 3.4 and newer

Go 1.4 RC1 or newer (including Go tip/master/direct from the source repository) is required. This is due to a variety of compiler and linker bugs on Windows and Mac OS X spanning the Go 1.3 release family.

(this README needs some work)

Be sure to have at least each outermost Window escaping to the heap until a good resolution to Go issue 8310 comes out.

prevlib.tar contains the previous version of the library as it stood when I restarted; don't bother using it.


The in-code documentation needs improvement. I have written a tutorial in the Wiki.


21 February 2015
Implemented Table column headers as a uicolumn: struct tag.

This will probably be the last change for a while; I want to redo the backend again.

19 February 2015
ImageList is now gone; you simply store *image.RGBAs in your Table data structure and they'll work.

Alongside this change is the introduction of a new backend for Table on Windows that should be more flexible than the standard list view control. This control is implemented in the wintable/ folder; it is implemented in C and will one day be spun off into its own project for general-purpose use. I have tried to make it work as much like the standard list view control as possible, and it mostly works fine. That being said, there are still issues and incompletenesses. Please feel free to report any issues you may have found (though watch the TODOs in the source; I may know about the issue already).

5 November 2014
TextFields can now be marked as read-only (non-editable). Textboxes will gain this ability soon.

4 November 2014
Added two new controls, Spinbox (which allows numeric entry with up and down buttons) and ProgressBar (which measures progress). Both aren't fully fleshed out, but are good enough for general use now.

28 October 2014
Mac OS X resizing issues should be (mostly?) fixed now. Textbox still doesn't work right...

24 October 2014
Textbox, a multi-line version of TextField, has been added. (Note that it may not work properly on Mac OS X; this is being investigated.) In addition, excess space around controls on Mac OS X should be settled now.

18 October 2014
The container system was rewritten entirely. You can now set a margin on Windows and Groups and spacing between controls ("padding") on Stacks, Grids, and SimpleGrids. Margins on Tabs will come soon. The work needed to change this will make future additions (like Popover and Spinbox) easier/more sensible. (The Mac OS X code is still glitchy; mind the dust.)

As part of the change, standalone Labels have been removed. All Labels now behave like standalone labels. A new layout container, Form, will be introduced in the near future to allow proper layout of widgets with labels.

3 September 2014
The new GtkGrid-style Grid is now implemented! See its documentation for more details. Also, debugging spew has been removed.

31 August 2014
Grid is now renamed SimpleGrid in preparation for implementing a more GtkGrid-like Grid. Mind the change.


The example widget gallery on GTK+ in the Adwaita theme (3.13/master):

widget gallery example