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Code Lab: AngularDart

AngularDart is the Dart version of Angular, a client-side structural framework for creating dynamic web applications. With Angular, you can concentrate on your application’s logic, and not on DOM manipulation. HTML is the template language, which you can extend with custom elements and attributes.

In this one-hour code lab, you'll create an AngularDart web app that generates a pirate badge. If you've already completed the first Dart code lab, this app should be familiar, but the code is completely different.

Important: AngularDart is in beta, and its API is subject to change. Before AngularDart's 1.0 release, we expect to fix these bugs (and more). This code lab uses AngularDart version 0.9.8. If you use a more recent version, you'll need to make some changes.


This code lab has the following sections:

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This code lab is based on the Dart code lab Avast, Ye Pirates: Write a Web App.

The creators of the AngularDart code lab include:

Thanks to the +DartlangFr team.

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