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Git Dependencies Plugin for Gradle

The Git dependencies plugin helps resolving Gradle project dependencies via git using seamless gradle syntax. It relies on Gradle multi-project build capabilities. The purpose of this plugin is to setup a multi-project Gradle environment ONLY when a dependency cannot be resolved via the classical maven or ivy Gradle Dependency Resolution.

What's this ?

If you sometime need to convert some external module dependency to project dependency then this plugin is for you ! Just specify your git repo where the plugin can find your dependency.

The git-dependencies plugin adds 3 tasks to your project:

  • initGitDependencies
  • resolveGitDependencies
  • refreshGitDependencies

initGitDependencies task

This task will look for dependency that cannot be resolved but have a git extra property. It will clone them into project.gitDependenciesDir, default to "${projectDir.parent}/${}-git-dependencies" and prepare your environment for a multi-project build by adding '''settings.gradle''' in "${projectDir.parent}

resolveGitDependencies task

This task will always be called after your project evaluation, it is simply replacing any unresolved git dependencies by a project dependency using the cloned repositories.

refreshGitDependencies task

This task simply refresh all cloned repository


To use the git-dependencies plugin, include in your build script:

apply plugin: 'git-dependencies'

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'org.batcha.gradle.plugins:git-dependencies:0.2'

If you do not need the gradle --offline (cf, You can also do

apply from: ''

To declare a Dependency,

dependencies {

  compile('org.batcha:dummy-project-a:4.2').ext.git = ''

or if you want to use a different version from the unresolved dependency

dependencies {

  compile('org.anic:myproject:42.0') {
    ext.git = ''
    ext.gitVersion = 'some/otherBranch/h2g2'

To setup the multi-project build for all the non resolved dependencies having a git property,

./gradlew initGitDependencies

To refresh git repositories for the non resolved dependencies having a git property,

./gradlew refreshGitDependencies