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buggins / dlangide


D language IDE based on DlangUI


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WTF?! (What The Fork)

Now you can set dmd includes paths (for correct work with DCD) in workspace settings file (newworkspace.dlangidews)

        "name" : "newworkspace",
        "description" : null,
        "projects" : {
                "newproject" : "newproject/dub.json"
}, "includePath" : [ "/usr/include/dlang/dmd/" ] }

PS. Sorry about bad code. Please correct me.

Dlang IDE

Cross platform D language IDE written using DlangUI library.

Currently supported features:

  • Uses DUB (dub.json or dub.sdl) project format
  • Shows tree with project source files
  • Can open and edit source files from project or file system in multi-tab editor
  • Build and run project with DUB
  • Build log highlight and navigation to place of error or warning by clicking on log line (contributed by Extrawurst)
  • DUB dependencies update
  • DUB package configuration selection (contributed by NCrashed)
  • Dependency projects are shown in workspace tree
  • New project wizard
  • Toolchain settings for DMD, LDC, GDC
  • Project specific settings
  • Basic debugger support using GDB (work in progress)

Source editor features:

  • D language source code, json, dml syntax highlight
  • Indent / unindent text with Tab and Shift+Tab or Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+]
  • Toggle line or block comments by Ctrl+/ and Ctrl+Shift+/
  • D source code autocompletion by Ctrl+Space or Ctrl+Shift+G (using DCD)
  • D source code Go To Definition by Ctrl+G or F12 (using DCD)
  • D source Doc comments display on mouse hover (using DCD)
  • D source code Smart Indents
  • Select word by mouse double click


GitHub page:


DlangUI project GitHub page:

Mago debugger GitHub page:

Build tools

DlangIDE uses DUB as build tool, and its dub.json or dub.sdl as project file format. You can select DMD, LDC or GDC compiler toolchain.

DCD integration

Symbol lookup and autocompletion is using DCD (D completion daemon).

Hans-Albert Maritz (Freakazo) implementated DCD integration using DCD client/server.

Keywan Ghadami improved it to use DCD as a library.

Now DCD is embedded into DlangIDE, and no separate executables are needed.

Debugger support

Building DlangIDE

Build and run with DUB:

git clone
cd dlangide
dub run

If you see build errors, try to upgrade dependencies:

    dub clean-caches
dub upgrade --force-remove
dub build --force

Needs DMD 2.066.1 or newer to build.

HINT: Try to open sample project Tetris, from workspaces/tetris with DlangIDE.

To develop in VisualD together with DlangUI, put this project on the same level as dlangui repository, and its dependencies.

Keyboard shortcut settings

Keyboard shortcuts settings support is added.

For linux and macos settings are placed in file


For Windows, in directory like


If no such file exists, it's being created on DlangIDE start, filling with default values to simplify configuration.

Just edit its content to redefine some key bindings.

File format is simple and intuitive. Example:

    "EditorActions.Copy": "Ctrl+C",
    "EditorActions.Paste": "Ctrl+V",
    "EditorActions.Cut": "Ctrl+X",
    "EditorActions.Undo": "Ctrl+Z",
    "EditorActions.Redo": [
    "EditorActions.Indent": [
    "EditorActions.Unindent": [
    "EditorActions.ToggleLineComment": "Ctrl+/",
    "EditorActions.ToggleBlockComment": "Ctrl+Shift+/"

Development environment setup

Howto hack DlangIDE.

For Windows, install MS Visual Studio (e.g. Community 2013) + VisualD plugin

Install GIT, DUB, DMD.

For Linux and OSX, install MonoDevelop + Mono-D plugin.

For Linux / OSX, additionally install libSDL2 and X11 development packages.

Create some folder to place sources, e.g. ~/src/d/

Clone DlangUI and DlangIDE repositories into source folder

    git clone --recursive
    git clone --recursive

Windows: open solution file with Visual-D


Linux: open solution file with Mono-D


OSX: open solution file with Mono-D


Choose dlangide as startup project.

Coding style: