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caiorss / Functional-Programming


Functional Programming concepts, examples and patterns illustrated in Haskell, Ocaml and Python


Functional Programming in Haskell, OCaml and Python by Examples

The purpose of this tutorial is to illustrate functional programming concepts in the Haskell programming language by providing reusable and useful snippets of code, examples, case studies, and applications. Despite most of examples examples be in Haskell, it can be applied to any language which the functions are first class citizens, can be passed as arguments, returned from functions like Python, Javascript.

This repository is dedicated to public domain which means that you can use it at will.

Note: This still a work in progress.

You can access this page from:


Functional Programming in Haskell

The code snippets with the '>' symbol were run in the interactive Haskell Shell (GHCi) and the lines below without the '>' symbol are the output.

Functional Programming in OCaml

Functional Programming in Scheme

Functional Programming in Clojure