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cdglabs / wallingford


An experimental DSL for handling state and updates, along with constraints, in Rosette.



Wallingford is an experimental constraint reactive programming language written in Rosette. It includes facilities for handling persistent constraints, hard and soft constraints, and reactive constraints.


  • core -- the core system
  • applications -- various applications built on core
  • reactive -- additional classes for adding reactive constraints to the core and applications
  • tests -- these use RackUnit

Notes on installing Wallingford on Macintosh

Download Racket if need be. Set up a symlink in /Applications from the current version of Racket to Racket. Add /Applications/Racket/bin to the path in .profile

Follows the directions in the Rosette Guide for installing Rosette:

Download Wallingford using "git clone"

The hand-compiled version of the quadrilateral demo in reactive/compiled-quadrilateral.rkt uses the Rhea implementation of the Cassowary constraint solver. To use this, check out the Racket bindings for Rhea from, do a make, and then add a symlink from the wallingford directory to the Rhea directory. The symlink should be named just 'rhea' (this is already in .gitignore).