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cefsharp / CefSharp


.NET (WPF and Windows Forms) bindings for the Chromium Embedded Framework


CefSharp - Embedded Chromium for .NET

This project contains .NET CLR bindings for The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) by Marshall A. Greenblatt. A small Core of the bindings are written in C++/CLI but the majority of code here is C#. It can of course be used from any CLR language, e.g. C# or VB. The CefSharp GitHub project page is the recommended starting place. This is the official CefSharp fork, as maintained by the CefSharp community. You can also view the entire network of public forks/branches.

CefSharp provides both WPF and WinForms web browser control implementations. See the CefSharp.Wpf.Example or CefSharp.WinForms.Example projects for example web browsers built using this library; they are (at this moment) the best "documentation" of features. In addition see the CefSharp.MinimalExample repo for how CefSharp can actually be used via NuGet packages.

This project is BSD licensed, which means that it can be used from both proprietary and free/open source applications. For the full details, see the LICENSE file.

Documentation, Contact etc.

Apart from code samples mentioned above work-in-progress documentation can be found in the wiki. If something is missing/incomplete, please don't hesitate to ask on the CefSharp Google Group. You might also find help by searching the archive to that same Google Group for previous questions. Before opening an issue or submitting a PR please read

NuGet Packages

Binary releases contain everything needed to embed Chromium in your .Net/CLR application. For usage see FAQ #8 item.

Upgrading from an earlier version of CefSharp? See the ChangeLog for breaking changes and upgrade tips.

CI Builds
Every commit on master produces a Nuget package. Use at your own risk! CefSharp MyGet Feed


CefSharp.Wpf for either WPF or WinForms or OffScreen now including JS Binding.

Branches & Forks

  • Development is done in the master branch. New features are preferably added in feature branches, if the changes are more than trivial.
  • When a new release is imminent a version branch is created. We try to avoid making public facing API changes in release branches (Adding new features is fine, just not breaking changes).

Version Branches

Branch CEF Version VC++ Version .Net Version
master 2526 2013 4.0
cefsharp/45 2454 2013 4.0
cefsharp/43 2357 2012 4.0
cefsharp/41 2272 2012 4.0
cefsharp/39 2171 2012 4.0
cefsharp/37 2062 2012 4.0


Ultra stable/LTS Read "He's dead Jim", based on Chromium 25. See the CefSharp1 branch README for CefSharp1 info. Please note that this version is no longer developed or supported.


  • CefGlue: An alternative .NET CEF wrapper built using P/Invoke.