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copycat-killer / awesome-copycats


Awesome WM themes


Awesome WM Copycats

Themes for Awesome WM 3.5+

Author: Luke Bonham <dada [at] archlinux [dot] info>
Version: git


A set of themes with the aim of making Awesome appearance awesome too!

Notable features

  • Autohide widgets (tell me only when you have to)
  • Autostart applications
  • Fast MPD and volume shortcuts (first time you see this trick in Awesome)
  • Other shortcuts for copying to the clipboard (goodbye clipboard managers!), toggle wiboxes, widgets popups, screenshots capture, moving and magnifying clients
  • Quake drop-down terminal
  • Calendar with current day highlighted and months switch with a click
  • Elegant notifications for new mails, current song, volume level, hdd critical state, low battery
  • OpenWeatherMap integration
  • Net carrier status notifier
  • Colorful autoupdating icons
  • Symbolic tag names
  • TXT layoutbox
  • PNG wibox bar
  • Custom layouts
  • No borders when there's only one visible client
  • Powerful volume bar
  • Menubar menu
  • Vi-like client focus
  • Nice client border (colors change along with processes status)
  • Non-empty tag browsing
  • Dynamic useless gaps
  • Dynamic tagging


Multicolor inspired by tip

Powerarrow Darker inspired by romockee

Steamburn copycatted from ok100 [porting from dwm]




Holo requested by amouly

Copland inspired by foozer


Using git you can have the full master branch:

git clone --recursive

then, move the contents of awesome-copycats to ~/.config/awesome.

Otherwise, download the latest two masters of awesome-copycats and lain (1 and 2), extract the first one, extract the second one into the first one, and put the contents of the first one into your Awesome directory.


Switch a theme this way:

cd ~/.config/awesome
cp rc.lua.theme rc.lua

Alternatively, you can use, which will also update to the latest commit.

Then customize your rc.lua and restart Awesome (Mod4 + ctrl + r).


Only compatible with stable versions of Lua and Awesome (git/unstable versions are not supported).

Complements are provided by lain: be sure to meet its dependencies.

Fonts are Terminus (Multicolor, Powerarrow Darker) and Tamsyn (other ones).

Every theme has a colorscheme.

Blackburn and Dremora use Icons: be sure to have bitmaps enabled if running under Debian or Ubuntu.

Feel free to email me if you have any request.

Notable forks

Does your fork look very nice? You can send it to me!

The best ones will be linked here.