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Dart Tutorials

Build Status

These are small Dart samples used by the online Dart tutorials.

Each directory in this repo represents a tutorial. The homepage field in each pubspec file points to the corresponding tutorial on

Repo and testing

Currently, tests only whether the .dart files under web/ and bin/ pass static analysis (dartanalyzer). We could do real unit testing, and we could do better with HTML samples.

DartPad and Gist Files

Some of the tutorial examples execute using DartPad. The DartPad examples are organized so that each complete example is placed in a subdirectory, with its own pubspec and web/ directory.

DartPad grabs the source for these examples from gist files. The gist files are generated from the source in this repo using the gist generator.

You can update the gist files, as follows:

  • Clone the repo.
  • If needed, activate the gist executable: pub global activate --source git
  • Change directory to the top of the repo.
  • Run "gist generate". See the readme for information on available options. If you are updating, or creating, gist files rather than generating a test gist, or performing a dry run of the gist generator, you'll need to provide a Gist token. (See the project lead for info on obtaining an existing Gist token.)

Additional files This file. BASH script that runs dartanalyzer on all Dart source files in the web/ and bin/ directories.