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ENhanced Scala Interaction Mode for text Editors:

  • Show the type of the symbol under the cursor.
  • Contextual completion for vars, vals and defs.
  • Semantic highlighting with implicit expansion.
  • Add an import for the symbol under the cursor.
  • Fast classpath search (types and members).
  • Jump to source code or documentation.
  • Refactorings (rename, organize imports, extract method).
  • Errors and warnings in your code: red squigglies.

ENSIME is a cross editor platform with the following components. If you'd like to start using ENSIME, pick a supported text editor and go to the relevant repository for further information on how to install, use and contribute to this project.


Ensime builds on the shoulders of giants, this includes contributors, users, bug reporters, many free and open source projects and commercial entities.

This project is actively community maintained, and we are very pleased to see contributions from new members. Please see the Contributing file for information on how to help out.

If you are reporting a bug or feature request, please use the issue tracker associated with your text editor.

YourKit Logo supports Ensime by providing access to its awesome YourKit Java Profiler