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Human Action

Description of Human Action will go here.

Development Notes

Maximum page height set to 410px and maximum page width set to 750px

Development Problems

Problem: Multiple id's (#submenu1/2/3) that do the same thing Possible Solutions:

Problem: Make website liquid so it expands from 800x600 into a higher resolution Possible Solutions:

Problem: Client wants to see live updates on website by simply clicking a link Possible Solutions:

To Do

About section will not embed a keynote, it will instead show the slides using javascript to pull the different elements of the already designed keynote. Chip and Eddie are going to work on resizing all elements. We will practice with two elements to see how if we are on the right track as far as the dimensions of the site go.

Liberation Sans font to be used on web page. We need to install it on our local machines and we need to make sure it loads it on our users machine.