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gitbucket / gitbucket


A Git platform powered by Scala with easy installation, high extensibility & github API compatibility


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GitBucket is the easily installable GitHub clone powered by Scala.


The current version of GitBucket provides a basic features below:

  • Public / Private Git repository (http and ssh access)
  • Repository viewer and online file editing
  • Repository search (Code and Issues)
  • Wiki
  • Issues
  • Fork / Pull request
  • Email notification
  • Activity timeline
  • Simple user and group management with LDAP integration
  • Gravatar support
  • Plug-in system

If you want to try the development version of GitBucket, see the documentation for developers at Wiki.


  1. Download latest gitbucket.war from the release page.
  2. Deploy it to the Servlet 3.0 container such as Tomcat 7.x, Jetty 8.x, GlassFish 3.x or higher.
  3. Access http://[hostname]:[port]/gitbucket/ using your web browser.

If you are using Gitbucket behind a webserver please make sure you have increased the client_max_body_size (on nginx)

The default administrator account is root and password is root.

or you can start GitBucket by java -jar gitbucket.war without servlet container. In this case, GitBucket URL is http://[hostname]:8080/. You can specify following options.

  • --port=[NUMBER]
  • --prefix=[CONTEXTPATH]
  • --host=[HOSTNAME]
  • --gitbucket.home=[DATA_DIR]

To upgrade GitBucket, only replace gitbucket.war after stop GitBucket. All GitBucket data is stored in HOME/.gitbucket. So if you want to back up GitBucket data, copy this directory to the other disk.

For Installation on Windows Server with IIS see this wiki page

Mac OS X

Installing Via Homebrew

$ brew install gitbucket
==> Downloading
######################################################################## 100.0%
==> Caveats
Note: When using launchctl the port will be 8080.

To have launchd start gitbucket at login:
    ln -sfv /usr/local/opt/gitbucket/*.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents
Then to load gitbucket now:
    launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.gitbucket.plist
Or, if you don't want/need launchctl, you can just run:
    java -jar /usr/local/opt/gitbucket/libexec/gitbucket.war
==> Summary
/usr/local/Cellar/gitbucket/1.10: 3 files, 42M, built in 11 seconds

Manual Installation

On OS X, generate gitbucket.plist by this script and copy it to ~/Library/LaunchAgents/

Run the following commands in Terminal to

  • start gitbucket: launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/gitbucket.plist
  • stop gitbucket: launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/gitbucket.plist


GitBucket has the plug-in system to extend GitBucket from outside of GitBucket. Some plug-ins are available now:

You can find community plugins other than them at gitbucket community plugins.


  • If you have any question about GitBucket, send it to gitter room before raise an issue.
  • Make sure check whether there is a same question or request in the past.
  • When raise a new issue, write subject in English at least.
  • We can also support in Japaneses other than English at gitter room for Japanese.
  • First priority of GitBucket is easy installation and reproduce GitHub behavior, so we might reject if your request is against it.

Release Notes

3.8 - 31 Oct 2015

  • Moved to GitHub organization
  • Omit diff view for large differences
  • Repository creation API
  • Render url as link in repository description
  • Expand attachable file types

3.7 - 3 Oct 2015

  • Markdown processor has been switched to markedj from pegdown
  • Clone in desktop button
  • Providing MD5 and SHA-1 checksum for gitbucket.war has started

3.6 - 30 Aug 2015

  • User interface Improvements: Especially, commit list, issues and pull request have been updated largely.
  • Installed plugins list has been available at the system administration console.
  • Pages and repository list in the sidebar have been limited and more pages and repositories link is available.
  • More reference link notation in Markdown has been supported.

3.5 - 1 Aug 2015

  • Octicons has been applied
  • Global header has been enhanced. Now it's further similar to GitHub.
  • Default compare / pull request target has been changed to the parent repository
  • A lot of updates for gitbucket-gist-plugin

3.4 - 27 Jun 2015

  • Declarative style plug-in definition
  • New extension point to add markup render
  • go-import support

3.3 - 31 May 2015

  • Rich graphical diff for images
  • File finder is available in the repository viewer
  • Blame is displayed at the source viewer
  • Remain user data and repositories even if user is disabled
  • Mobile view improvement

3.2 - 3 May 2015

  • Directory history button
  • Compare / pull request button
  • Limit of activity log

3.1.1 - 4 Apr 2015

  • Rolled back H2 version to avoid version compatibility issue
  • Plug-ins became possible to access ServletContext

3.1 - 28 Mar 2015

  • Web APIs for Jenkins github pull-request builder
  • Improved diff view
  • Bump Scalatra to 2.3.1, sbt to 0.13.8

3.0 - 3 Mar 2015

  • New plug-in system is available
  • Connection pooling by c3p0
  • New branch UI
  • Compare between specified commit ids

2.8 - 1 Feb 2015

  • New logo and icons
  • New system setting options to control visibility
  • Comment on side-by-side diff
  • Information message on sign-in page
  • Fork repository by group account

2.7 - 29 Dec 2014

  • Comment for commit and diff
  • Fix security issue in markdown rendering
  • Some bug fix and improvements

2.6 - 24 Nov 2014

  • Search box at issues and pull requests
  • Information from administrator
  • Pull request UI has been updated
  • Move to TravisCI from Buildhive
  • Some bug fix and improvements

2.5 - 4 Nov 2014

  • New Dashboard
  • Change datetime format
  • Create branch from Web UI
  • Task list in Markdown
  • Some bug fix and improvements

2.4.1 - 6 Oct 2014

  • Bug fix

2.4 - 6 Oct 2014

  • New UI is applied to Issues and Pull requests
  • Side-by-side diff is available
  • Fix relative path problem in Markdown links and images
  • Plugin System is disabled in default
  • Some bug fix and improvements

2.3 - 1 Sep 2014

  • Scala based plugin system
  • Embedded Jetty war extraction directory moved to GITBUCKET_HOME/tmp
  • Some bug fix and improvements

2.2.1 - 5 Aug 2014

  • Bug fix

2.2 - 4 Aug 2014

  • Plug-in system is available
  • Move to Scala 2.11, Scalatra 2.3 and Slick 2.1
  • tar.gz export for repository contents
  • LDAP authentication improvement (mail address became optional)
  • Show news feed of a private repository to members
  • Some bug fix and improvements

2.1 - 6 Jul 2014

  • Upgrade to Slick 2.0 from 1.9
  • Base part of the plug-in system is merged
  • Many bug fix and improvements

2.0 - 31 May 2014

  • Modern Github UI
  • Preview in AceEditor
  • Select lines by clicking line number in blob view

1.13 - 29 Apr 2014

  • Direct file editing in the repository viewer using AceEditor
  • File attachment for issues
  • Atom feed of user activity
  • Fix some bugs

1.12 - 29 Mar 2014

  • SSH repository access is available
  • Allow users can create and management their groups
  • Git submodule support
  • Close issues via commit messages
  • Show repository description below the name on repository page
  • Fix presentation of the source viewer
  • Upgrade to sbt 0.13
  • Fix some bugs

1.11.1 - 06 Mar 2014

  • Bug fix

1.11 - 01 Mar 2014

  • Base URL for redirection, notification and repository URL box is configurable
  • Remove --https option because it's possible to substitute in the base url
  • Headline anchor is available for Markdown contents such as Wiki page
  • Improve H2 connectivity
  • Label is available for pull requests not only issues
  • Delete branch button is added
  • Repository icons are updated
  • Select lines of source code by URL hash like #L10 or #L10-L15 in repository viewer
  • Display reference to issue from others in comment list
  • Fix some bugs

1.10 - 01 Feb 2014

  • Rename repository
  • Transfer repository owner
  • Change default data directory to HOME/.gitbucket from HOME/gitbucket to avoid problem like #243, but if data directory already exist at HOME/gitbucket, it continues being used.
  • Add LDAP display name attribute
  • Response performance improvement
  • Fix some bugs

1.9 - 28 Dec 2013

  • Display GITBUCKET_HOME on the system settings page
  • Fix some bugs

1.8 - 30 Nov 2013

  • Add user and group deletion
  • Improve pull request performance
  • Pull request synchronization (when source repository is updated after pull request, it's applied to the pull request)
  • LDAP StartTLS support
  • Enable hard wrapping in Markdown
  • Add new some options to specify the data directory. See details in Wiki.
  • Fix some bugs

1.7 - 26 Oct 2013

  • Support working on Java6 in embedded Jetty mode
  • Add --host option to bind specified host name in embedded Jetty mode
  • Add --https=true option to force https scheme when using embedded Jetty mode at the back of https proxy
  • Add full name as user property
  • Change link color for absent Wiki pages
  • Add ZIP download button to the repository viewer tab
  • Improve ZIP exporting performance
  • Expand issue and comment textarea for long text automatically
  • Add conflict detection in Wiki
  • Add reverting wiki page from history
  • Match committer to user name by email address
  • Mail notification sender is customizable
  • Add link to changeset in refs comment for issues
  • Fix some bugs

1.6 - 1 Oct 2013

  • Web hook
  • Performance improvement for pull request
  • Executable war file
  • Specify suitable Content-Type for downloaded files in the repository viewer
  • Fix some bugs

1.5 - 4 Sep 2013

  • Fork and pull request
  • LDAP authentication
  • Mail notification
  • Add an option to turn off the gravatar support
  • Add the branch tab in the repository viewer
  • Encoding auto detection for the file content in the repository viewer
  • Add favicon, header logo and icons for the timeline
  • Specify data directory via environment variable GITBUCKET_HOME
  • Fix some bugs

1.4 - 31 Jul 2013

  • Group management
  • Repository search for code and issues
  • Display user related issues on the dashboard
  • Display participants avatar of issues on the issue page
  • Performance improvement for repository viewer
  • Alert by milestone due date
  • H2 database administration console
  • Fix some bugs

1.3 - 18 Jul 2013

  • Batch updating for issues
  • Display assigned user on issue list
  • User icon and Gravatar support
  • Convert @xxxx to link to the account page
  • Add copy to clipboard button for git clone URL
  • Allow multi-byte characters as wiki page name
  • Allow to create the empty repository
  • Fix some bugs

1.2 - 09 Jul 2013

  • Add activity timeline
  • Bugfix for Git or later
  • Allow multi-byte characters as label
  • Fix some bugs

1.1 - 05 Jul 2013

  • Fix some bugs
  • Upgrade to JGit 3.0

1.0 - 04 Jul 2013

  • This is a first public release


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