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Modern applications with built-in automation



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Want to try Habitat? Get started here.

Habitat is an application automation framework that allows you to build applications that have automation built-in. This provides modern applications that:

  • Provide repeatable builds
  • Run from single, immutable assets
  • Allow for runtime configuration for multiple deployment scenarios
  • Are agnostic to operating environment (works the same on bare metal, virtualization, containers, PaaS)
  • Provide idempotent behavior (the same inputs to the same asset provide the same outcome)
  • Provide convergent behavior (each service makes progress towards the correct behavior in the face of failure)
  • Expose promises to those who rely on it
  • Provide a low barrier to entry
  • Are language agnostic

To learn more about Habitat, please visit the Habitat website.


There are a couple of different way to install Habitat.

You can download it from the Habitat downloads page.

Once you have downloaded it, follow the instructions on the page for your specific operating system.

If you are running on a Mac or Linux, you can also use the Habitat install script.

  $ curl | sudo bash

Web Application

The Habitat Builder web application is in the components/builder-web directory. See its README for more information.


Habitat's website and documentation is located in the www directory of the Habitat source code. See its README for more information.


We are always looking for more opportunities for community involvement. Interested in contributing? Check out our the Rustlang reference materials below or our UX_PRINCIPLES doc to get started!


See for platform specific info on building Habitat from source.

Useful reference material


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