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Building the system

If you want to rebuild the PDF you'll need to install TexLive and make sure that pdflatex works.

I've written this in org mode in emacs with a little Erlang program to convert org mode to LaTeX.

The conventions I've used are as follows:

  • Org mode * means a new chapter
  • Org mode ** means a new section
  • Preformed starts with 4 blanks
  • Line starting !! and > are expanded by an erlang program
  • Most sections are just LaTeX

I don't use org mode ``export to LaTeX'' but do the translation myself.

The resulting PDF should be readable. The filenames and code is a bit of a mess and be be refactored.

To build

cd src make

When you're happy do

make publish

Check ./crypto_tutorial.pdf

And then push changes in ./src to me

make_publish creates a top level PDF This is ``bad practice'' since we should only commit source code and not generated output to the repository. BUT it's there so people can read the result without having to build everything for themselves.

If you suggest a change don't commit crypto_tutorial.pdf to the archive.