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jorisvink / kore


An easy to use, scalable and secure web application framework for writing web APIs in C.



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Kore ( is an easy to use web application framework for writing scalable web APIs in C. Its main goals are security, scalability and allowing rapid development and deployment of such APIs.

Because of this Kore is an ideal candidate for building robust, scalable and secure web things.


  • Supports SNI
  • Supports SPDY/3.1
  • Supports HTTP/1.1
  • Websocket support
  • Lightweight background tasks
  • Built-in parameter validation
  • Only HTTPS connections allowed
  • Multiple modules can be loaded at once
  • Built-in asynchronous PostgreSQL support
  • Default sane TLS ciphersuites (PFS in all major browsers)
  • Load your web application as a precompiled dynamic library
  • Modules can be reloaded on-the-fly, even while serving content
  • Event driven (epoll/kqueue) architecture with per CPU core workers


  • Kore is licensed under the ISC license

Platforms supported

  • Linux
  • OpenBSD
  • FreeBSD
  • OSX

See for more information.

Latest release

Old releases

Building Kore


  • libz
  • openssl >= 1.0.1i

Requirements for background tasks (optional)

  • pthreads

Requirements for pgsql (optional)

  • libpq

Normal compilation and installation:

# git clone
# cd kore
# make
# make install

If you would like to build a specific flavor, you can enable those by setting a shell environment variable before running make.

  • TASKS=1 (compiles in task support)
  • PGSQL=1 (compiles in pgsql support)
  • DEBUG=1 (enables use of -d for debug)
  • NOTLS=1 (compiles Kore without TLS)
  • KORE_PEDANTIC_MALLOC=1 (zero all allocated memory)

Example libraries

You can find example libraries under examples/.

The examples contain a README file with instructions on how to build or use them.

I apologize for unclear examples or documentation, I am working on improving those.

Bugs, contributions and more

If you run into any bugs, have suggestions or patches please contact me at

More information can be found on