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jtmcdole / dart-webgl


Learn WebGL with Dart



Learn WebGL with Dart!

The is my re-write of 16 lessons to the Dart programing language. It is by no means perfect, however I try to leverage the language and its features to introduce structure earlier in the lessons. My hope is this will get more people interested in WebGL programming that might not have been before, while also showing off some of what Dart can do.

Each lesson is fully loaded when compiled. The user need only selected which lesson to run from a drop down box. Optional URL parameters include:

lsn=(1-16) - The default lesson number to show.
width=x    - The width of the canvas element.
height=x   - The height of the canvas element.
fps        - Display a running average frame rate.

Future rewrites of the original articles covering these changes are to coming!

-John Thomas McDole