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leemunroe / responsive-html-email-template


When all you need is a really simple HTML email template


Really Simple Responsive HTML Email Template

Sometimes all you want is a really simple HTML email template. Here it is.


Sending emails using a marketing service like Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp?

Use the template as is. They'll put the CSS inline for you when you put together your campaign.

Sending emails directly from your app or using a developer service like Mailgun?

For an API like Mailgun you need to put the CSS inline. You can use Premailer to do this automatically.

  • Copy all of email.html
  • Paste the HTML as the source into Premailer
  • Copy the HTML results and use them in your email view/template

Note that some services may allow you to opt into CSS inlining, such as Mandrill.

Tried and tested

Tested on all major email clients. Mobile, desktop and web.

Email preview

Hat tip to Zurb's Ink for their awesome collection of email templates, which this was adapted from.

More HTML email resources

I've open-sourced a few other resources you might find useful: