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lexi-lambda / racket-r7rs


An implementation of R7RS in Racket


r7rs Build Status

This is an implementation of R7RS "small" in Racket. To use it, install the package and use #lang r7rs in your programs.

$ raco pkg install r7rs
#lang r7rs

(import (scheme base)
        (scheme write))

(display (string-append "Hello, " "world!"))

Current Support

All of the libraries defined in R7RS are available. However, there are a few minor missing features or inconsistencies:

  • (scheme base) — Implemented except for include-ci. Furthermore, the define-library form is restricted to be more compatible with the Racket module system.
  • (scheme process-context) — All bindings are available, but exit and emergency-exit are the same, and exit does not properly call outgoing dynamic-wind thunks.

All other libraries are fully supported.