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A comprehensive Node.js tutorial for beginners


The Node Beginner Book Repository


The Node Beginner Book is a comprehensive introduction to Node.js and some of the more advanced JavaScript topics like functional programming.

You can read the preview of the book at

This repository is home to the HTML source of the book preview as well as the HTML version of the full book (see file index-en.html), and the accompanying code examples.

It does NOT contain the sources for the commercially available Leanpub version of the book. The sources for the Leanpub version as well as the PDF, Mobi and ePub versions created from these sources are not available under an open license, and are © 2011-2013 Manuel Kiessling. The PDF, Mobi and ePub version of this book is available through


Just fork and send pull requests, I'm going to incorporate them as quickly as possible, promise!


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All contents of this repository are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. See for more details.

Please note that the commercially available Leanpub version of this book does NOT fall under the above license.