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miraleung / racketeer


Continuous testing for DrRacket



A continuous testing plugin for DrRacket.



From DrRacket

  1. In DrRacket: File -> Package Manager -> Do What I Mean
  2. Paste this URL into the Package Source textbox: git://
  3. If your version of Racket is older than v7, please use git://
  4. Click install

If you don't see Package Manager in the menu, your version of Racket may need to be updated.

From raco

raco pkg install racketeer

From source with raco

This will allow local changes to the tool's source files to be reflected in DrRacket.

git clone
cd racketeer
raco link racketeer
raco setup racketeer

Racketeer Package Updates

From DrRacket

  1. File -> Package Manager -> Available From Catalog
  2. Click "Update Package List"

From raco

raco pkg update racketeer


  1. Code
  2. Look at tests
  3. Repeat


  • Highlighting can be toggled on or off at File -> Racketeer Test Highlighting
  • Test highlighting is cleared while code is being edited.
  • Test variants neither defined nor included in the currently-used language and libraries are marked as errors.

Currently supported languages and test variants

  • HtDP and Racket: check-expect, check-error, check-satisfied, check-range, check-member-of

    • The Racket language (#lang racket) does not include these test variants by default. If you are using this language, please add (require test-engine/racket-tests) after the language declaration.
  • PLAI: test, test/pred, test/exn

  • RackUnit: All check variants


From DrRacket

  1. In DrRacket: File -> Package Manager -> Currently Installed
  2. Filter for "racketeer"
  3. Remove

From raco

raco pkg remove racketeer