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mojotech / jeet


The most advanced, yet intuitive, grid system available for Sass or Stylus


Jeet 7.0.0 is here!

7.0.0 breaks a lot of stuff. Be sure to read the migration guide!

Jeet is a simple fractional grid system for Sass and Stylus.

Learn the API in minutes and begin tossing together grids.

Check this out:

npm install -D jeet
@import 'node_modules/jeet/jeet';

.container {
  @include center();

.container div {
  @include column(1/3);

Jeet functions accept fractions (or float numbers) and generates a percentage width and gutter for grids. We're able to do this while maintaining a consistently-sized, infinitely-nestable, gutter (so long as you provide the parent element's fraction as context).

The API is documented in Sass, but we've worked hard to make the API very similar in both preprocessors. @include column(1/2); in SCSS would be column(1/2) in Stylus, ya dig?

Explore Official Integrations to see some community-backed plugins to your favorite frameworks and libraries.

Browser Support

  • IE9+ without help. IE8+ with Selectivizr. Obviously always use Autoprefixer.