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msaraiva / atom-elixir


An Atom package for Elixir


An Atom package for Elixir

Autocomplete, Go/Jump to Definition, Documentation and more.



apm install atom-elixir


  • Autocomplete (Screenshots)
    • Lists modules, functions, variables, function params and module attributes available in the current scope.
    • Lists callbacks defined in behaviours (works also when @behaviour is injected by use directives)
    • Lists the accepted "returns" specs when inside a callback implementation
    • Indicates the type of the module (Module, Struct, Protocol, Implementation or Exception)
    • Shows documentation summary for each module or function
    • Shows function and callback specs
    • Works with aliased and imported modules
    • Indicates where the function was originally defined (for aliased, imported modules or callbacks)
    • Smart snippets for functions: After |>, doesn't write first parameter. After &, writes &function/arity
  • Go to definition
    • Jump to the definition of the module or function under the cursor
    • Erlang modules and functions also supported
    • Return from definition (to previous files/positions)
    • Works with aliased and imported modules
  • Documentation View (Screenshots)
    • Shows documentation of the module or function under the cursor
    • Also shows specs, types and callbacks (when available)
    • Works with aliased and imported modules
  • Quoted Code view (Screenshots)
    • Convert selected text into its quoted form
    • Live pattern matching against quoted code
  • Expand Macro view (Screenshots)
    • Expands the selected macro. Shows expanded code using Expand Once, Expand and Expand All.
  • All features depending on aliases and imports are already supporting the new v1.2 notation.

IMPORTANT: Most of the features only work properly if you have the related .beam files in the project's _build folder. So please, before opening an issue, make sure you can successfully compile your project in the environment you're trying to use it ("dev" and/or "test"). You can also hit ALT+CMD+i to open the Atom's console (ALT+CTRL+i on windows/linux) in order to see the server's output. When successfully started, atom-elixir prints:

[atom-elixir] Initializing ElixirSense server for environment "dev" (Elixir version 1.4.0)
[atom-elixir] Working directory is "/Users/your_name/workspace/your_project/"

All error messages from the server should also be displayed in the console. Please send those messages when reporting an issue.


  • Autocomplete: ctrl + space
  • Go To Definition: alt + down or alt + click
  • Return from Definition: alt + up
  • Go To Documentation: F2
  • Open Quoted Code View + quote selected text: ctrl + shift + t
  • Open Expand Code View + expand selected text: ctrl + shift + x

Notice: The keymaps were defined for my own OS X environment. If you're using Linux, Windows or even another OS X environment and the current key mapping conflicts with other commands, feel free to open an issue and report it.



  • Listing variables, module attributes, functions and macros available in the current scope
  • Showing specs and documentation summary
  • Showing where each function was originally defined


  • Listing callbacks defined in used behaviours


  • Listing accepted "returns" when inside a callback implementation



  • Showing documentation of the module/function under the cursor


  • Showing documentation of the module under the cursor (callbacks)


Expand Macro View

  • Expanding selected macro call


Quoted Code View

  • Quoted form of the selected code
  • Live pattern matching against quoted code



  • The Elixir Server is an extended version of alchemist-server by Samuel Tonini. Pay attention that the current API is no longer compatible with the original one.
  • The Expand View was inspired by the mex tool by Luc Fueston. There's also a very nice post where he describes the whole process of Building A Macro-Expansion Helper for IEx.