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munificent / hauberk


A web-based roguelike written in Dart.


Splash screen

Hauberk is a roguelike, an ASCII-art based procedurally-generated dungeon crawl game. It's written in Dart and runs in your browser.

Behold it in all of its glory:


Running it

To get it up and running locally, you'll need to have the Dart SDK installed. I use the latest dev channel release of Dart, which you can get from here.

Once you have Dart installed and its bin/ directory on your PATH, then:

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. From the root directory of it, run: $ pub serve
  3. In your browser, open: http://localhost:8080

Pub will automatically compile the game to JavaScript if you hit that URL with a production browser. Leave pub serve running, and whenever you change the Dart code, it will notice that and recompile the JS on the fly.

You can iterate even faster and have a much better debugging experience if you browse to the server using Dartium, which comes with the Dart SDK. Just hit the same URL and it is smart enough to serve the raw Dart code instead of the compiled JS.

I usually run the game in Dartium, so if you see any bugs in the compiled-to-JS version please do file an issue.

Getting involved

I'd love to have more people involved. You're more than welcome to contribute to Hauberk itself. There's lots to be done, both code and game content (monsters, items, recipes, areas, etc.).

If you'd like to hack some code, search through the codebase for "TODO". I sprinkle those in liberally to mark things that need fixing or are open to extension. If you find one that catches your eye, let me know and I can fill you in on the details, or just send a pull request.

I also had in mind that this codebase could be used as a springboard for other games. Feel free to fork Hauberk and make it into your own thing in any way you choose. It uses a very permissive MIT license, so you can do pretty much whatever you want with it.