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phildawes / racer


Rust Code Completion utility


Racer - code completion for Rust

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racer completion screenshot

racer eldoc screenshot

RACER = Rust Auto-Complete-er. A utility intended to provide rust code completion for editors and IDEs. Maybe one day the 'er' bit will be exploring + refactoring or something.


With cargo install

This method currently require a beta or nightly install of rust. Simply run:

cargo install --git ''

Or if you are using multirust:

multirust run beta cargo install --git ''

As mentioned in the command output, don't forget to add the installation directory to your PATH.

From sources

  1. Clone the repository: git clone

  2. cd racer; cargo build --release. The binary will now be in ./target/release/racer

  3. Fetch the rust sourcecode from git, or download from

  4. Set the RUST_SRC_PATH env variable to point to the 'src' dir in the rust source installation

    (e.g. % export RUST_SRC_PATH=/usr/local/src/rust/src )

  5. Test on the command line:

    ./target/release/racer complete std::io::B (should show some completions)

Emacs integration

Emacs intergation has been moved to a separate project: emacs-racer

Vim integration

Vim intergation has been moved to a separate project: vim-racer

Kate integration

The Kate community maintains a plugin. It will be bundled with future releases of Kate (read more here).

  1. Enable 'Rust code completion' in the plugin list in the Kate config dialog

  2. On the new 'Rust code completion' dialog page, make sure 'Racer command' and 'Rust source tree location' are set correctly