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racket / libs


Racket libraries

This repository contains pre-built libraries for Racket on various

The repository directories are in the form of Racket packages, but the
packages are registered at "" in ".zip"
form so that downloading libraries for a particular platform doesn't
require downloading all of them.

The "pack-and-upload.rkt" script re-packs libraries into ".zip" form
and updates the catalog, so that script needs to be run when the
libraries change. The script needs a source directory (this one) and a
work directory (which can be re-used for incremental work), and by
default the script updates the "" catalog
and the "racket-packages" S3 bucket. The bucket uses a format that
ensures that old ".zip" files are kept for at least a week. Use the
`--dry-run` flag to check what will happen.

The "pack-all.rkt" script is used by "pack-and-upload.rkt".