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ravendb / ravendb


A linq enabled document database for .NET


RavenDB - the premier NoSQL database for .NET

This repository contains source code for RavenDB document database.

Build Status

Version Windows Linux
3.0 N/A
3.5 N/A

New to RavenDB?

Check out our Getting started page.

How to download?

Stable download NuGet
Unstable download NuGet
.NET Client download NuGet
Java Client download Maven

What's new?

Our latest list of changes can always be found here.

Found a bug?

You can create issues at our YouTrack.

How to build?


  • .NET Core 1.0
  • TypeScript 2.1
  • WiX Toolset 3.7 or higher

Want to contribute?

Each Pull Request will be checked against following rules:

  • cla/signed - all commit authors need to sign CLA. This can be done using our CLA sign form
  • commit/whitespace - all changed files cannot contain TABs inside them. Before doing any work we suggest executing our git_setup.cmd. This will install git pre-commit hook that will normalize all whitespaces during commit
  • commit/message/conventions - all commit messages (except in merge commits) must contain issue number from our YouTrack e.g. 'RavenDB-1234 Fixed issue with something'
  • tests - this executes build.cmd Test on our CI to check if no constraints were voilated

Need help?

If you have any questions please visit our community group.