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reactioncommerce / reaction


Reaction is a customizable, real-time reactive, JavaScript commerce platform.


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Reaction is a modern reactive, real-time event driven ecommerce platform.

Reaction is built with JavaScript, Meteor, Node.js and works nicely with Docker.

See: Atmosphere Packages for Reaction


  • 0.9.0 Master (beta 1)
  • 0.10.0 Development
  • 0.11.0 Next Stable Release

Currently good for contributing/observing progress, testing. It goes without saying that we're constantly refactoring, even things that are functionally done. We do not recommend using for production usage yet, unless you are very comfortable with the code, and aren't risk averse. There are still many parts in development!


Node.js and NPM are required. Install from

To install Meteor + Reaction, and start the latest release:

curl | /bin/sh
git clone
cd reaction && git checkout master

Additional installation options are in the developer documentation.

Note: for windows installation you also need:

If you want to use shell scripts under Windows:

  • Create file named meteor inside %localappdata%\.meteor with following contents:
cmd //c "$0.bat" "$@"
  • Run shell scripts from Git Bash. For example:
cd reaction/

A Docker image is available on the Reaction Commerce Docker Hub .


As with all development, some items are ahead of schedule, and some are not. Here's how to get the details:

For a high level review our roadmap, take a look at the vision page Reaction Vision

For grouping of development channels by feature see project milestones:

And finally for the kanban-esque, hardcore real time progress view, take a look our waffle board

Developer Documentation

Getting started guide




Package Development

Theme Development

i18n Translations

Template Development

Code Repositories

Hey! Where's all the code!? Most of it is in the reaction-core package...

We welcome pull requests to the latest development version branch.


GitHub Issues on the Reaction project are the best way to let us know about a feature request, or to report an issue.

Join us on our Gitter chat room to discuss, communicate, and share community support.