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robconery / peach


An experimental ecommerce thing for Elixir


An eCommerce Experiment with Elixir and OTP

Peach is an API-only eCommerce storefront. For now there is no templating, no HTML, etc - it's just an API. I started out with Phoenix and decided that it didn't quite fit what I wanted so I switch over to Maru - a small, Grape-inspired API front end. It fits perfectly.

I also was thinking about Trot but decided that I wanted to leave the CMS/HTML stuff to a framework or application that is very good at it; Peach can be just one part of the puzzle.

I've been writing a blog series about creating an eCommerce store with Elixir and I plan to continue on, as this is an application that I'll need very soon. You're welcome to help :).


You'll need a database (Postgres) called redfour:

createdb redfour

Update the config files in the web app to use your connection. Next you'll need a Stripe key for stripity-stripe; put that in /config/dev.secret.exs so you can make charges.

You can start everything up with:

mix peach.start


I have the core catalog and cart stuff started out, but have changed course enough times that I had to rip the bulk of the tests out as I mused on architecture. I need more tests, obviously, especially for the API which (according to the docs) is pretty simple to do.

You can run the tests (once you have the database created) using mix test --trace.