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Simple Racket Game Library

This is a small library written in racket that aims to make developing games with the native racket/gui library more convenient.


Since the recent interest in this project, I would like to add that this is stil a work in progress. The primary focus at the moment is the physics engine. Any help is always appreciated!


  • Fully event-driven mouse and keyboard
  • Buffered frames preventing flicker
  • Speed optimizations
  • Advanced drawing procedures
  • Multiple game-loops


There are multiple choices, depending on your programming style: canvas.rkt imports the simplified library (recommended for beginners) while objective.rkt includes the full object-oriented library. You can also use procedural.rkt, which provides only procedural bindings (experimental).

Please read the wikipages for more information on how to use this library.

If you encouter bugs please submit them to the issue tracker. You are free to patch the code yourself, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could pull the modifications afterwards.

Feature requests can also be submitted to the issue tracker or alernatively they can be placed as a comment to one of the source files. Those who are member can also discuss it on the facebook group.


Library created and maintained by Sam Vervaeck.

Thanks to Adriaan Leynse for the original concept and providing an exemplary implementation using racket/gui.

This library is a fork of the library provided by the Software Languages Lab as part of one of their courses. A full backport to this library has been provided in canvas.rkt. Use graphics/canvas.rkt in order to use racket-gaming as a back-en instead of the old library.

The libraries that have been of use are stored in the folder references.