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takeoutweight / clojure-scheme


Clojure to Scheme to C to the bare metal.



Pervasive tail-call optimization anyone?

A few cosmetic changes to the lovely ClojureScript compiler and we are producing output suitable for compilation to C via Gambit Scheme!

Clojure/West 2013 hosted a talk introducing clojure-scheme. The slides are online and the corresponding video will be made available this August.

Getting Started

The fastest way to get started is to try the self-hosted clojure-scheme REPL:

  1. Install Gambit Scheme from source or from an OSX/Win32 installer.
  2. Put gsc on your PATH (make install puts gsc in /usr/local/Gambit-C/bin by default).
  3. Install Leiningen.
  4. git clone
  5. In the root clojure-scheme directory, run lein install
  6. In the samples/repl directory, run lein run to build the self-hosted REPL. (src/build.clj demonstrates how to compile .clj files to scheme code).
  7. run sh run-clojure-repl to launch the REPL, and enter (install-clojure-repl) to switch from Scheme mode to Clojure mode.


Gambit seems to be a promising compile target for Clojure:

            (scm* [] (load "core"))
            (ns bench)
            (defn fib [n]
                 (if  (or (identical? n 0) (identical? n 1))
                        (+  (fib (dec n) )  (fib (- n 2)))))
            (prn "fib 36:" (fib 36))

... in the Clojure REPL ...

            cljs.compiler> (time (fib 36))
            "Elapsed time: 1138.814 msecs"
            cljs.compiler> (compile-file "bench.cljs")

... in the shell ...

            $ gsc -exe bench.scm
            $ time ./bench
            fib 36: 24157817
            real    0m0.775s
            user    0m0.737s
            sys 0m0.009s