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Teepee, the Rust HTTP toolkit


Teepee: the Rust HTTP toolkit

Status: stalled and designing

Things happened, things didn’t happen, Hyper got started by others instead. Something is still slowly happening with this, but don’t try doing anything with it.

The remainder of this document is out of date. Use Hyper instead for now, too.

Status: in design

Teepee is still mostly in design. Most of the information about it is available on Chris Morgan’s blog.

In the mean time, if you want HTTP, please use rust-http (by the same author, but not designed deliberately); it’s in maintenance mode, so new things won’t be being added to it—but see that as a good thing and not a bad thing! :P

The crates

The Teepee project is comprised of various crates. Here are what there is at present, though very little is actually implemented yet.

httpc: HTTP client

Everything client-specific, from low level to high level interface.

httpd: HTTP server

Everything server-specific, from low level to high level interface.

httpcommon: common HTTP functionality

Anything shared between both client and server belongs in here, but this crate is not expected to be used directly.

Any crate using types from this crate should re‐export them. For example, the status module should be exported in the root of the HTTP client crate httpc so that people can write httpc::status instead of httpcommon::status.


Chris Morgan (chris-morgan) is the primary author and maintainer of Teepee.


This library is distributed under similar terms to Rust: dual licensed under the MIT license and the Apache license (version 2.0).