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vitch / jScrollPane


Pretty, customisable, cross browser replacement scrollbars


jScrollPane - cross browser custom scrollbars

jScrollPane is a jQuery plugin which allows you to replace a browser's default scrollbars (on an element which has overflow: auto) with a HTML structure that can be easily skinned using CSS.

To see a bunch of examples of jScrollPane in action please visit the jScrollPane website. All of the code for the website is available from this repository so please feel free to download and use it!


There is a simple grunt based build script which will help to produce a minified version of jScrollPane if you make any modifications and want to submit a pull request. You can find it in the build/ directory.

To use it, make sure you have node, npm and the grunt-cli module installed first:

npm install -g grunt-cli


cd build

Please remember to update the changelog in the comment at the header of both JS files when submitting a pull request.


jScrollPane is dual-licensed under the GPL 2 license and the MIT license.