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willghatch / rackterm


Terminal emulator in racket


Terminal emulator in racket!


You can install from the racket package system by running raco pkg install rackterm. If you want to get it straight from git, clone the repo, cd into it, and run raco pkg install.


racket -l rackterm/xterm -- or, if you have your racket/bin directory on your $PATH, run rackterm-xterm

What is this?

This is a terminal emulator with support for 24-bit color, italics, and more, written in Racket.

It is a work in progress and is currently lacking many features which I hope to gradually add. Currently I can run emacs, vim, and other curses programs seemingly just fine. For an idea of where I want to take the project, see the file.

TERM variable

The rackterm/xterm program runs the tic program on startup to load the rackterm terminfo definition. It starts with TERM=rackterm. This should work great. Unless you ssh to another machine, in which case the new host will not have the definition. You can either scp or otherwise copy the rackterm.terminfo file to the other machine and run tic rackterm.terminfo on it, or you can set TERM=xterm (perhaps by running with --term-var xterm). You will get fewer capabilities with TERM=xterm, like no italics, no extended color, etc, since programs won't know how to access those things, but you don't have to get the terminfo file onto all your machines that way.

OS Support

Rackterm is known to work on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and MacOSX.

If it doesn't run on your system, open an issue at and give any information you have. For Unix, it will be a problem with FFI loading and shouldn't be hard to solve. For Windows... well, I have no idea how terminals work on Windows, so good luck.

Want to contribute to the future best terminal emulator ever?

See the included file. Or, you know, just go make another terminal emulator or figure out which one the best is (because this one is clearly not the best one).