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wireapp / wire-server


๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ Wire back-end services



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This repository is part of the source code of Wire. You can find more information at or by contacting

You can find the published source code at

For licensing information, see the attached LICENSE file and the list of third-party licenses at

No license is granted to the Wire trademark and its associated logos, all of which will continue to be owned exclusively by Wire Swiss GmbH. Any use of the Wire trademark and/or its associated logos is expressly prohibited without the express prior written consent of Wire Swiss GmbH.

Wire server

This repository contains the source code for the Wire server. At the moment it contains a subset of the libraries and services used by Wire. We will keep releasing more libraries and services over time as we finish cleaning up and documenting the source code. Our goal is to publish the source code of the entire Wire server.

Content of the repository

This repository contains:

  • services
    • nginz: Public API Reverse Proxy
    • galley: Conversations
    • proxy: 3rd Party API Integration
    • brig: Accounts (to be released)
    • gundeck: Push Notification Hub
    • cannon: WebSocket Push Notifications
    • cargohold: Asset Storage
  • libs: Shared libraries


We are working on open sourcing the following components:

  • Search and contact discovery
  • Account management